Vitamin Rich Beverages for an Athlete

An athlete needs a lot more than just protein to perform effectively. The choice of drink or beverage that he/she consumes could have a positive effect in his performance. These drinks may aid in improving the athletes focus and alertness. It may also aid in improving their inflammatory response and prevent soreness/tiredness after the event. These beverages may contain vitamins and minerals which are essentially beneficial to the athlete.

Below are some of the beverages that an athlete may take

·         Green tea

greem tea.jpg

Green tea is rich in Amino acids and L-theanine which are essentially good to an athlete since it is able to increase the overall focus. They also have antidioxants that help the body during exercise and they also help protect the healthy cells. Green tea also contains caffeine which can help increase energy and alertness. It should be best taken before the exercise.

·         Coffee

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Coffee has caffeine which helps reduce fatigue and should also be taken before starting the exercise. It is also very rich in antioxidants and according to a past research, coffee has a greater amount of protective compounds than a typical serving of orange or grape juice.


·         Cherry juice


Cherry juice should be drunk before a race as it helps to prevent aches and pains after the event. It contains compounds which naturally promote a healthy inflammatory response thus helping improve the athletes overall performance.

·         Fat-free milk


Milk is naturally very rich in energizing protein which is essentially good for an athlete. It also provides nourishing vitamins and minerals to promote muscle recovery and support bone health.

·         Lemonade with ginger


Lemonade should be taken after the exercise. It helps energize the athlete after the event. It may also help in promoting a healthy inflammatory response to ease post-workout muscle soreness and recovery.


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