Top Ten Readily Available Fat Burning Foods


  1. Whole grains are a better and healthier option than processed foods.


This is because your body burns twice as many calories in breaking down whole foods, particularly those rich in fiber such as oatmeal and brown rice

  1. Eggs are one of the richest source of protein.

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Several dietary programs insist on the intake of proteins for successful weight loss. Eggs contain the nine (9) essential amino acids required by the body to build lean muscles.

  1. Avocado is often considered a fattening food.


However, the fat in this fruit is a triple fat burner. It is mostly in the nature of monounsaturated fats that plumps up the cell membrane thus stimulating fat burning hormones.


  1. Cinnamon is an aromatic spice that helps burn fat by moving glucose into cells faster thereby lowering the accumulation of fat storage hormone, insulin.


However, to obtain maximum fat burning results, you need to consume at least a quarter (1/4) a teaspoon of cinnamon.

 All nuts are not fattening. Peanuts and Brazil nuts are the exception to that rule. They actually act as fat burners.

  1. Lean meats.


Proteins can help burn about 30% of calories that the food contains during digestion due to their thermogenic effect. Lean meats are a good option to burn fats as they contain less fats.

  1. Honey is considered as a great home remedy for obesity.

 It provides a lot of health benefits including its effectiveness in reducing calories. This is because it utilizes the extra fat deposits in the body to get energy for normal functions.

  1. Water is usually underestimated as a fat burning ingredient.

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Not only is it a calorie free appetizer but also boosts metabolism since your body has to work to match the temperature of the ingested water with that of the core temperature.


   9. Dark chocolate proves us wrong as it’s a calorie burning element.

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Chocolate reduces the stress levels by production of serotonin thereby increasing the metabolism rate thus burning the accumulated fats.


  1. Chili peppers.

 These are effective fat burning components due to the presence of a compound, Capsaicin, which spars the metabolic activity and its heat generating capacity melts the additional calories.

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