Top Super Foods that Burn Fat

First things first, I know the first thing that comes to mind when you read the title, you ask yourself ,’what are super foods’. Well super foods are nutrient rich foods considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being.

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So today we get to see examples of super foods and their benefits to our health and general well-being


  1. The Avocado is a fruit rich in L- carnitine. L-carnitine is an endogeneos molecule that is involved in metabolism of fatty acids.
  2. Almonds contain zinc and vitamin B to help curb cravings for sugar
  3. Salmons are proteins that help build muscles for efficient fat burning
  4. Flax seed contain high amounts of dietary fiber which is important for weight loss
  5. Olive oil can fight off inflammatory diseases including obesity
  6. Tomatoes contains 9 Oxo-ODA a fat burning compound
  7. Oatmeal, Lentils , bananas are fiber rich and can help you feel full for longer because they help slow down digestion
  8. images (28)Grape fruit and hot pepper are great examples well known to help boost metabolism
  9. Apples contains pectin which limits the amount of fat your body absorbs
  10. Raw apple cider vinegar helps in digestion and regulate the blood glucose level
  11. One tablespoon cinnamon of can help regulate blood sugar
  12. Quinoa is a grain that contains the complete chain of amino-acids, is protein-rich and has high amounts of fiber
  13. Pine nuts contains compounds that suppress the appetite by working against the hunger hormone
  14. dlya-zdorovyaMushrooms are low in calories and fat, they also contain potassium for improved blood pressure
  15. Coconut oils are easily digested by the body and converted into energy
  16. Eggs contain healthy fats and good cholesterol and are a good source of lean protein that can help burn fat throughout the day
  17. Asparagus is a natural diuretic and can help get rid of excess water
  18. Goji berries contains chromium, which is an important trace element for preserving lean muscle mass
  19. Chicken breasts are high in quality protein which can help in the building of lean muscle
  20. Green tea and Kales in my opinion are great examples that contain anti-oxidants that boost metabolism.


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The list of super foods is simply not exhausted with the few examples that I have given.

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