Stress Relieve Foods

Stress can make you go into deep depression and can take a huge toll on your body’s natural defenses and eating the right food sometimes can offer relief. Many people when they feel stress opt for junk food, which usually contains a high number of calories and sugar which is usually not very healthy for your body. Instead you should focus on adding anti-stress foods to your diet. Eating healthy food actually helps you to make better choices and can actually offer some real stress relief.


healthy food

Some these foods which can relieve stress include:-


Nuts can replenish Vitamin B, which is usually depleted when one is stressed. It also helps by keeping our neurotransmitters happy. Nuts also have potassium which also help in lowering blood pressure and reduce the strain stress puts on our hearts.

Red Peppers


Red peppers usually have twice as much vitamin c as Oranges. People who take a lot of vitamin C according to research shows that they have lower blood pressure and recover faster from cortisol surge. Diets which have vitamin c lower cortisol and help people to cope.


stress foods

Spinach are usually very rich in folate which helps our bodies to produce mood-regulating neurotransmitters, including serotonin and dopamine. It is also rich in magnesium. People who have low magnesium levels are more likely to have elevated C-reactive protein levels and previous research shows people with high CRP levels are more stressed and at a greater risk for depression. Magnesium helps regulate blood pressure

Dark Chocolate

A Research that was done showed people who ate dark chocolate daily for at least two weeks had lower cortisol. Chocolate usually contains cocoa but should be taken in portions since it has a high calorie but they are essentially good for stress relieving.

Take Tea


Tea drinkers de-stress faster and have lower cortisol levels that is according to research that was done. Drinking herbal teas like chamomile, peppermint or ginger can be good as well for relieving your stress.

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