Dietary Needs of a Hormonal Raging Teenager

It is usually normal for a child’s eating habit to change especially in puberty and sometimes it might be difficult figuring out how to eat a healthy diet. Most teenagers usually struggle with this kind of thing and they usually shun rich-nutrient foods and go for junk foods such as chips, Sodas, burgers amongest others.


There are a lot of ways in which Parents can assist their hormonal teenage children in eating healthy food. Some of these include the following:-

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  1. Introducing different menus of nutritious food such as:-
  • Milk

Our bodies need calcium to strengthen our skeletons and especially to teenagers whose teenage years are really crucial. So it would be wise as Parents to try and shun from soft drinks such as sodas for nutritious milk.

  • Fish

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Fish are very rich in fatty acids that can improve brain function and mood i.e. according to a study that was done. So it would be advisable if you added Fish to your menu at least twice a week.

  • Beans

Most of the teenagers usually try to shun from nutritious foods such as maize and beans. Beans are usually good for your health because they usually help in lowering your risk of two major health problems which are obesity and diabetes.

  • Fruits

It is also advisable to have fruits such as Mangos on a daily basis if need be. Mangos usually boost your immune system since it is very rich in vitamin C. Other fruits such as apples, bananas, avocados are also good for your health.

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  1. Helping your child with healthy eating habits

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Always prepare healthy food

It is always advisable to prepare healthy food because if you have a healthy food environment in your family, it makes it easier for your child to make better choices.

Role model

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You can be a good role model to your teenager by eating the nutritious healthy foods and encouraging them to also do the same. It is important because it shows your teenager that you really care about healthy eating. This should not only be emulated when you’re eating at home, even when you go to restaurants you should also order healthy food and shun away from junk foods.






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